Guidance (House Rules) for CASITA BUEN VIENTO                                 copyright
Electricity comes from solar panels and wind generator as there are no landlines nearby.
220V is limited and used for WiFi, TV, radio, video- and CD player and to charge of computer and mobile phones.
See TV via the internet and use your tablet, smart phone or laptop – remember to bring cables for USB or HDMI – or use the router available. All light and water pump work on 12V.

Grey days restricts the electric charge, and therefore necessary to minimise the use of electricity = no 220V equipment, TV, charge of computers after 18 but ask the landlord and we start the backup diesel generator.

Guest’s 220V electrical equipment is NOT ALLOWED without accepts from landlord! Adapters for charging telephones and computers kindly use it in the middle of the day as we depend on electric charging from the sun.

There is sufficient electric 12V light all over.
Turn off all electrical light and equipment when you are not inside the Casita.

Ventilation: Keep the windows open (they are protected by mosquito nets and “none” will cringe or look into)! Keep the front door open (net door closed ) and the bedroom doors open.

Use only the electric 12V fans for direct cooling of your body and close them afterwards!

Bed linen and towels are included are changed weekly. For change more often and laundry asks the landlord who charges 9€ per machine incl. drying on a washing line. Beach towels not included.

Swimming Pool “law”: Use the outdoor shower before (wash sun oil and sweat off). Use the stairs don’t jump in! Tell your children not to urinate in the pool! Pets not allowed in the pool. Use showers to wash the bleach water off!

Pet’s allowed provided passports, all injections, necklace “Scalibor”. Extra Fees total € 20 provided you pick up droppings! Do not let pet’s use the furniture’s. Ask for pet carpet/towel. Watch out for the front mosquito net door that the dogs do not scratch the net. Pet’s must not be left alone on the premises!

Smoking is not allowed inside the building and depending on the dry seasons only permitted with caution close to the buildings and on the terrace. Use ashtray with water.
Cleaning, Contamination/garbage: Collect cigarette butts, plastic and paper, fruit and vegetable, dog droppings and residues for garbage bags and place the bags unattainable for the cat! Take the garbage with you when you drive.
Nearest container: Turn right on N-340 and left enter Camarles, first road right Venta Nova + some 2-500 m.

The guests are supposed to leave the Casita in good order. Furnitures and equipment arranged as by arrival inclusive dish washing – The “departure cleaning” does not include this and an extra charge min. 30 € may be collected.
Gas water heater, gas stove, gas heaters gas fridge with freezer.

Keep an eye on the refrigerator that gas has run out. You can feel it on the small “chimney” on the back side. For open and change gas bottles ask the landlord. Water-gas heater is not usually open summer – but opened on request.

Heating is primary in the living room with a wood stove which – “if kept going” – will heat the whole Casita when all doors inside are open.

Firewood is free but the guests must cut the wood (saw and saw-horse are there) and help the host to bring wood up from the valley (Jeep + trailer) if they use more that provided at the start – normally that is a nice experience for all. Gas stove in bedroom 1 and in the living room – can be moved to bedroom 2. Take care not too close to burnable materials.

Water comes from our own 200 m deep well and is fresh, clean and drinkable but contains calcium.
To use the gas heater for warm water use switch in the kitchen for the 12V pressure pump and only use and open full the right water tap.
It is not the best system and sometimes needs to be adjusted.
Remember to turn the switch off after use! Use also outdoor shower you will like it!

Whether wind and rain. The parasol (your responsibility) must be taken in when not in use. Take care of quickly coming wind – we have lost 3 parasols until now!
Take outdoor cushions in by the prospect of rain – but rain is very seldom!
Electric fencing for horses. The top line gives unpleasant electric shock. Bottom line doesn’t.
Go for a walk in the valley. Especially the southern deep part is interesting for its nature. Ask the landlord.
Be careful this is a natural area. Do not go too close to the old stone walls and slopes.
You are here at your own risk. Bring your “blue” EU Health Insurance card and we recommend travel and cancellation insurance. Coverage of damages and alike is limited to landlords Spanish standard family insurance. This goes too for theft and robbery – lock the main doors be leaving. When you are out we reserve rights to go indoors for watering the plants and control the installations
Arrival time is after 16 pm and the departure is 10 am but ask, perhaps you can arrive before / departure later. Please let us know approximately your time of arrival and how we shall prepare the beds.

If the days after you are vacant you may extend your holiday. Get a low price offer from the owner.

Swimming Pool law

Use the outdoor shower before (wash sweat and sun oil off)

and after to wash the bleach water off!

Use the stairs don’t jump in. No pets in the pool.

Tell and watch your children not to urinate in the pool

and not to throw stones or alike into the pool!

Do not let them use the pool unattended!