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Historically charming old farmhouse “Casita” renovated for rent. Different – Alternative – Nature – Environmental – Harmony – Spiritual – Relaxing – Privacy – Quiet and yet close to the “everything”! Want to write a book? Make up your mind and your situation? Getting away from “all the daily”? Inspiration? Spain, Costa Dorada South, L’Ampolla, Sandy Beaches, Mountains, Fishing, Excursions! View of mountains and valley in the middle of the olive grove. Opportunities for trips to “continuous” beaches, the idyllic tourist port, 1-class fishing in the river Ebre (Spain’s largest) at the coast or at sea. Fantastic experiences by excursions of a few days. Owner: Danish-Cuban couple: Tamara graduated as doctor of medicine (abilities as a ‘White witch’ and Spanish-speaking and some English). Viggo is a retired business manager (Speaking: English, Spanish, Scandinavian and some German) living permanently in another house 50 meter sheltered from there. The family consists also of horses, a dog and a cat. The site has its own energy plant from solar panels, wind generator, “back up” diesel generator and 200 m deep well  with a 15,000 lt. water tower and a production of ecological biological olive oil. Opportunities: Meals “prepared with taste.” Massage. Consultations mental, spiritual, idea-generating. Inspiration. From “beginning of time” there has been olives grown here. Our plantation 38.000 m2 is preserved biological and has 400 olive trees mainly several hundred of years old about 100 carob trees and many other fruit-, nut-, and spices- trees and bushes. A single olive tree near the house is preserved through the ages as a shaded pavilion and more than 700 old / 45 meters in circumference. Have a walk in the small but deep valley of the plantation – which has grown wildly – and you will see rosemary, thyme, St. John’s wort, asparagus figs, grapes, carob, laurent- almond-, and walnuts-trees and a tomb. The area is visited from time to time by wild boars and a Golden Eagle family of 3 eagles. When the hottest often a refreshing breeze from the mountains!  The area has its own “micro climate” and is one of Spain’s most dry and sunny. The area and Tortosa are mentioned in the history. “Hannibal” gathered his troops here before the invention of Rome.Ebro Delta has a large production of rice and, together with the Mediterranean gives the air humidity.Here also is a large Natural Park with among others Flamingo’s and very rich fishing from the beach.The Ebro river has a famous cat fishing and excursion possible by vessel. The city of Tortosa writes its history back to the time of Christ. A huge fort, the old town and the cathedral is worth a visit. Many good shops and a lively arts scene. The narrow mountain road via “Col de Alba” with its landscape and views are a “must”!.Only within 1 hour (45 km) you are at the top of the nearest mountain 1447 m. in the National Park with a dramatic view.